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We build and sell hemp and cannabis extraction systems that produce the purest extract products in the market today. Our equipment and methods are solvent-free, 100% natural, with organic capabilities producing pure, full-spectrum oil.

BCT's Natural Infusion Systems Are 

Safer, Faster, & More Efficient

Solvent free infusion system

Greater than 95% 

extraction efficiency

FDA approved consumable lipids

and gentle heat

Whole plant, full-spectrum benefits

100% Natural, 100% Organic


Reduces danger to employees and facilities

Reduces impact of FDA and EPA regulation

Semi-continuous process dramatically reduces production time


IS-10 Natural Infusion System

The Boulder Creek Technologies Infusion System (IS-10) is a direct to infused oil system that efficiently extracts cannabinoids, terpenes, and other lipid soluble compounds directly into an oil-based tincture. Much like adding flavors to vegetable oils by infusion, the IS-10 provides the capability to quickly and efficiently transfer CBD and other cannabinoids directly to the oil of choice.

Preserving Full-Spectrum Benefits

The IS-10’s natural infusion, semi-continuous process takes only 4 simple steps and preserves full-spectrum benefits with upwards of 95% efficiency.

Efficiently Scales To Meet Your Production Needs

Extraction facilities looking to expand their offerings.

Brands integrating vertically into new segments.


Wholesale Naturally Infused Oil Now Available 

We now offer our premium oils wholesale for use in your brand's CBD, hemp and cannabis products. All of BCT's natural oils maintain full-spectrum benefits keeping cannabinoids' and terpenes' delicate synergies in tact, just as nature intended them to be. 


Solvent free infusion system

Whole plant, full-spectrum benefits

100% Natural, 100% Organic


Refined and Unrefined 

Natural Flavorings 


No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Chemicals 

Custom Orders