Boulder Creek Technologies, Proudly Full-Spectrum

At Boulder Creek Technologies, our systems are designed to produce

products that keep delicate synergies intact, just as nature intended them to be.

Steve Bonde

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer

Steve is a chemist and has conceived of several extraction processes in both the biomass and O&G industries. He is uniquely qualified and plays a major role in the industry with his groundbreaking developments in extraction technology.

Being an inventor, Steve has an uncanny ability to see a problem and build it better. He developed and patented a process to directly infuse food-grade oils with hemp at an industrial scale. Steve used his extensive chemical process experience to apply the percolator model of semi-continuous counter-current extraction to the hemp process and the development of the Infusion System-10 (IS-10). Steve is widely sought after in the hemp and cannabis industries as a consultant for both extraction and quality control laboratories.

Rick Bonde

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

Rick knows how to develop a business and bring products to the market. Rick previously operated a cannabis delivery outfit, Pacific Disability Access, in Oakland, California, distributing medical cannabis to the disability community. Prior to that, Rick enjoyed a very successful career in the music industry, as an A&R representative for major labels and founding both a talent agency and artist management company. Rick has represented artists such as Sublime, Blink 182, Reel Big Fish, The Brothers Comatose, and many others. He brings a unique ability to understand market trends and bringing products to the market accordingly. Rick knows how to work for a crowd at trade shows and functions and allow products to sell themselves.

Amara Hazlewood

Chief Engineer

Amara is a Colorado School of Mines graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Amara has successfully engineered and built our first IS-10, Infusion System. She understands the system through and through. She is an invaluable member of the team as our main point of contact for customer relations, and analytical lab operations.

She also heads up much of the development of future systems produced by Boulder Creek Technologies. Amara has a background in hazard identification and mitigation, as well as inherently safe design. She uses this, and her engineering background to translate the science into larger, scalable, safety-driven, and user-friendly systems for the marketplace.